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Comit at Techies4TempleStreet 2019!

By Carmel Kenny, Thursday, 11th July 2019 | 0 comments
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Last Friday, if you happened to be in the Dublin 4 area, you probably saw a sea of red T-shirts dashing down the streets and strand, roaring about solving a murder mystery. Amongst them was team Comit, taking part in the annual Techies4TempleStreet. Now in its fifth year, the event brings together 1,600 members of the Irish tech and business communities to raise funds for the 148,000 patients that Temple Street Children’s University Hospital treats every year. This year’s event raised a total of €250,000.











In the week running up to the event, there was plenty of discussion and excitement in the Comit office as we tactically planned to have no tactics. The day arrived and we came prepared with our runners, sun cream and game faces on. Joined by three of our clients – Laura from Ricoh Ireland, Siobhán from Expleo and Sinead from Envisage/OSSM Cloud – we gathered in the RDS and were told of our mission: to solve the mysterious murder of Agent Kelly. Each team was given an interactive map directing us to tasks and challenges which would earn us points along the way.


The tasks were varied and required creativity, as well as logical and general knowledge. Together, we impersonated spies on a mission, grappled with geographic coordinates, posed with a clown and invented world-changing gadgets. With the sun beaming, we also got to do some sightseeing and had a cheeky ice-cream along the way.

For two-and-a-half hours, we raced our way around the trail, fueled by goodie bags stocked with treats and refreshments as we clocked up an impressive 18,000 steps each. While we didn’t win first place (or second, or third…), we celebrated afterwards with food and drinks, all with smiling faces!














Techies4TempleStreet is a unique event and has now raised more than €1 million for life-saving hospital equipment and research. Comit is proud to have raised more than €6,000 for the cause in the three years we have been taking part. The event was fantastically organised and the Comit crew had a great day out with some amazing photos to take home. We’re already looking forward to next year!

If you would like to find out more information about Techies4TempleStreet, you can read more here.



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