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Four keys to PR success – Specialist PR agencies maximise ROI

PR is used to build brand recognition and visibility. It boosts an organisation’s credibility and achieves defined business goals. Simply sending out a few press releases or hiring a PR agency won’t guarantee those important things. Businesses need to ensure that their communications are consistent, targeted and impactful.

As a specialist tech PR agency, we work with our clients to ensure their communications strategies are aligned with their business goals in order to maximise return on investment. From generating business leads, to attracting investors and employees, we help organisations realise their business objectives through messaging that packs a punch. In our 20 years in business, we have learned the essential keys to success. Read on to find out more.

Get on message. Align the message with a message platform

In our Using messaging like Apple and Ryanair blog post, we discussed how organisations can align their messaging and business strategies to create an authentic brand that people will trust and want to engage with. We cited Apple and Ryanair as examples of companies whose powerful messaging enables them to create an authentic brand. Whether it’s a PR agency or an in-house team that develops a company’s messaging, so long as it is aligned with the business strategy and delivered consistently in all communications, it will be impactful.

In Comit we use a one-page messaging platform for all of our client communications – from press releases and opinion articles, to media briefings and interviews. This messaging platform has been developed by us and is aligned with our clients’ individual strategic business goals. The succinct one-pager enables us to easily incorporate clients’ key messages into all of their communications so that the message is consistent and relevant to all stakeholders.


Choose your most influential media and build relationships

Having the aligned messaging is great, but communicating this with the media is where a specialist PR agency offers real value. As a specialist agency we know the journalists and media outlets that cover relevant topics such as tech, business, fintech, healthtech and medtech. We have developed our relationships with the tech and business media in Ireland over 20 years and are proud to call many of these journalists good friends now. As a result, we have their trust and confidence.


Work with a specialist agency

Organisations often don’t have the resources in-house to manage communications, so they engage an external agency to complement the in-house marketing function. A fundamental element to successful communications is working with specialist PR agencies. They understand the sector in which your organisation operates and will not have to spend time getting up-to-speed on sectoral trends. Instead, they can hit the ground running. PR agencies that specialise in a particular sector will have relationships with the key media covering your industry. They will know what individual journalists like and don’t like and will tailor communications accordingly. The agency can work with you to develop and deliver impactful stories that communicate your value proposition to your target audience.

The results that a specialist PR agency can deliver will soon outweigh any investment in the service.

Deliver hard news, numbers and facts

Journalists like news that is relevant and backed up by hard facts, figures and statistics. Whether this is a company announcing a new product or service, or an investment announcement, a journalist will want to know the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘how’ and ‘why’. They look for a well-written press release that explains the news and backs it up with facts, figures and proof points.

We are conscious that journalists receive hundreds of e-mails every day, so reliably delivering relevant, well-written content makes their lives easier and builds their trust in us as a PR agency.

If you want to successfully raise the profile of your organisation, working with a specialist PR agency will help you to align your messaging strategy with your business strategy, develop and build relationships with the media and deliver impactful stories that are relevant and informative to your target audience.


If you would like to work with a specialist tech PR agency contact Comit today.

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