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Working in Ireland’s leading tech PR agency

By Luke O' Baoill, Friday, 29th June 2018 | 0 comments
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The technology sector in Ireland is thriving - 10 of the top 10 ‘born on the internet’ companies are operating in Ireland and indigenous tech start-ups are enjoying huge success of late. At Comit, we are lucky enough to be uniquely placed to see both established multinationals increase investment in Ireland and to witness the brightest homegrown talent flourish.


This makes Comit an exciting and fast-paced place for anyone looking to begin or return to a career in public relations. In July 2017, I took up a graduate role with Comit following my completion of a Masters degree in Public Relations. It’s fair to say I haven’t looked back since! Comit is the perfect place for anyone excited about how different types of technology may change our future world, and who want to help spread the message of exactly how the most innovative companies are accomplishing this.

We have a small but dedicated team of fun, friendly and tech-oriented people who all are passionate about client growth. Our size and dedication is what makes us special, with nothing getting lost along the way for our clients. It also makes Comit a fantastic place to gain invaluable PR experience. Every member of our team, from junior account executive to MD, has an input into client issues, campaigns and agendas; be they big or small.

With exposure from the outset to every PR activity, no two days at Comit are the same. The range of PR work at Comit consistently pushes, challenges and excites the team. From displaying writing flair by drafting creative blogs, press releases and other client content, to shaking hands with some of Ireland’s leading tech innovators at a client event, to strategising on how to further grow a client’s business - working at Comit always keeps us on our toes.

Likewise, our broad range of clients add another level of excitement to our daily work at Comit. From cybersecurity to angel investment, we have to keep up with the latest developments right across the technology and business landscape in Ireland and abroad. Our team’s diverse professional backgrounds complement each other in this task, being able to draw on journalism, PR, communications and business development experience.

Another important factor at Comit is its approach to career development and progression. Following being awarded a permanent role as junior account executive, I recently was promoted to senior account executive, less than a year since I first joined the agency. Comit values and rewards team members based on their ability, merit and work ethic; not simply on time in the role. 


Yet, above all else, working at Comit is simply about being passionate about client growth and having fun while doing it! With off-site strategy days, team nights out and participating in fun charity events, we mix great craic with great results.

Check out the Comit PR Jobs page to discover available opportunities. It might just be your first step to a long and successful career in tech PR!   



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