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TERMINALFOUR is a global leader in web content management software and solutions. It needs to deliver its message to audiences in Europe, North America and Australia.

 Terminalfour Case Study

Comit has been the local and international PR agency for TERMINALFOUR for ten years, looking after its communications in Ireland and its worldwide markets. It has played a key role in helping TERMINALFOUR to grow globally.



Headquartered in Dublin, TERMINALFOUR was a growing organisation with its finger firmly on the pulse of the web content management industry. It had strong growth opportunities in Ireland and globally and to facilitate this it needed to increase its public relations and marketing communications activities.Piero Tintori TERMINALFOUR  David Miller  TERMINALFOUR

As TERMINALFOUR entered new markets it needed to increase brand awareness and highlight its value proposition and successes to ultimately generate demand.

TERMINALFOUR also began examining how it could find external strategic partners who could facilitate its growth. It needed to ensure it was delivering the right message to the right people.


Comit’s Role:

  • To increase awareness of TERMINALFOUR in Ireland and to enhance local customer and stakeholder confidence;
  • To act as TERMINALFOUR’s international PR agency, introducing it to new media contacts as the company enters new markets and ensure consistent, high quality coverage;
  • To highlight the success of the company as it grows, helping it to recruit the best employees in a very competitive employment market;
  • To generate large amounts of digital content and online PR, to validate its capabilities to potential customers and industry analysts based around the world;
  • Most importantly, to help increase sales through building its corporate reputation and brand recognition in key markets.



A strong focus of PR is on generating new leads for TERMINALFOUR and helping to close sales opportunities, by providing independent validation of its capabilities and building confidence among its target audience.

Comit builds brand awareness for TERMINALFOUR in each of its target markets through a number ofDavid Miller Piero Tintori from TERMINALFOUR diverse PR activities. We help the company to develop strong and lasting relationships with the key influencers in each of these markets, ensuring TERMINALFOUR is always on their radar.

We also develop, draft and issue key strategic press releases and articles that help TERMINALFOUR grow demand among its customer and partner base worldwide.

On top of all of this, as a market leader with an expanding company, TERMINALFOUR needs to recruit the very best employees with specialist skills and experience. We set about implementing an employer branding campaign to ensure it could attract the right employees in a competitive market.


Comit identifies the leading influencers, which include journalists, bloggers and analysts in TERMINALFOUR’s target markets. We make initial introductions on behalf of TERMINALFOUR and through regular updates, press releases, product announcements and case studies, we position TERMINALFOUR as a thought leader in the web content management market and generate high volumes of on-message coverage. This also helps TERMINALFOUR to become a credible source for journalists when they are looking for industry comments.

For example, we helped with a major profile oriented launch of TERMINALFOUR in Canada. This began with an initial press release announcing TERMINALFOUR’s success with the Saint Mary’s University in Nova Scotia. The results included coverage in a wide range of publications including national technology magazines and online sites such as Canada IT, as well as regional media such as the Chronicle Herald in Halifax. It also resulted in a profile interview with Piero Tintori, CEO of TERMINALFOUR for IT in Canada. The company secured 10 new Canadian clients within twelve months.David Miller  TERMINALFOUR

Through regular press releases highlighting key new deals won by TERMINALFOUR with some of the largest and most recognised organisations in the world, we can demonstrate the company’s strength in each of its markets and improve its brand recognition. We have also been able to build customer confidence, which plays an important role in closing new deals.

International awards are also a large part of the work carried out for TERMINALFOUR. We not only submit award entries on behalf of the client but our work throughout the year, leveraging media coverage, is used to support the entries. For example, we helped TERMINALFOUR won the prestigious Company of the Year award at the ICT Excellence Awards in Dublin. This is the highest IT industry award in Ireland. We also helped it to be shortlisted as one of only four web content management platforms in the SIIA CODiE Awards in the US.

We also arrange regular company update interviews with Irish business journalists to ensure TERMINALFOUR is keeping them abreast of company successes and expansion objectives. This has also become an integral part of our employer branding strategy. TERMINALFOUR is a fast growing organisation and it attracts a consistent stream of high quality technical candidates from Comit’s PR efforts.
Analytics and Monitoring
In order to monitor campaign successes, we provide quarterly reports on media coverage and briefings along with monthly update calls and quarterly planning meetings.
PR activity success is monitored against:

  • Sales leads generated and closed business;
  • Volume of on-message press coverage;
  • Features and media interviews;
  • Growth in traffic to the website;
  • Online articles, including blogs with reference to TERMINALFOUR.
  • Job applications.


Comit’s work has resulted in strong engagement with international media and analysts, helping to position TERMINALFOUR as a market leader and validate this position among current and potential customers.

  • Sales: The PR activities carried out by Comit have played a key role for TERMINALFOUR in securing 300 enterprise clients, by opening up new leads or providing the independent validation needed to help secure open sales opportunities;Piero Tintori  TERMINALFOUR  David Miller  TERMINALFOUR
  • SEO: By ensuring TERMINALFOUR’s message is appearing in the high authority websites, such as the Irish Times online and CMS Wire, with links back to the TERMINALFOUR website, Comit has helped significantly improve TERMINALFOUR’s SEO ranking and ultimately secure business;
  • International recognition: Comit has worked with TERMINALFOUR as it has entered new markets, arranging press briefings and making introductions to the local media;
  • Analysts: Through the PR activities, particularly online PR, TERMINALFOUR began to gain recognition with industry analysts from analyst houses such as Gartner and The Realstory Group (formerly CMSWATCH). TERMINALFOUR is now ranked and rated on their list of leading web content management companies;
  • Segment leadership: Comit has helped TERMINALFOUR become the recognised leading provider of web content management solutions to the higher education sector, with more than 120 higher education customers worldwide;
  • Growth: Since beginning work with Comit ten years ago, TERMINALFOUR has opened new offices in Boston, London and Sydney; the company has grown 800% in terms of employee numbers; secured 140 university clients around the world and secured €1.6m in equity funding;
  • Awards: TERMINALFOUR is an award winning organisation, becoming ICT company of the Year in 2012 and the Irish national winner of the ‘International Growth’ category in the European Business Awards;
  • Recruitment: PR plays a key role in ensuring a steady stream of high quality applicants to support TERMINALFOUR’s rapid growth.

What the client said

Seán Walsh

Helping win business:

“When we started working with Comit, we were an eight to ten person office, largely supporting the Irish market. We are now the largest provider of web content management systems in Ireland and have three other office locations in the UK, US and Australia, with more than 70 employees. We also have 300 enterprise customers around the world and Comit’s PR has contributed to each of these deals in one way or another, either by opening sales leads or directly contributing to their closing by providing the independent validation needed by the customer.”

A better ROI:

“When we began looking into an agency we didn’t have a large marketing budget and wanted to get the maximum return for our activities. Comit has delivered huge exposure for us and its specialism in technology means they can introduce us to the right media. In addition to this, Comit has strong industry contacts and has helped to introduce us to strategic partners and even customers.

Technology specialism:

“With its in-depth technology knowledge, it also removed the need for continuous education of the Comit team, as they just get it. As Einstein said, “If you can’t explain something simply, it means you don’t understand it well enough.” Our team in Comit understands the vocabulary we use as a technology provider and can easily translate this for our different audiences.

International PR:

“The hardest part for any business scaling internationally is convincing prospects in those local territories that you’re committed to that market and that you have the knowledge and background to make it work. We have won that ‘battle’ and the work with Comit is integral to this.

“As we grew we explored the possibility of hiring agencies in the UK and US, but Comit was so entrenched in our business, having developed our messaging and it demonstrated, time and again, its capabilities and commitment to help us succeed in our PR efforts in each of the countries. Comit has now become our international agency and by investing time in the public relations in each of our key markets, it is delivering the credibility needed to increase our sales pipeline.

The relationship:

“We have had a ten-year working relationship with Comit and throughout that time we have been impressed and delighted with the dedication of the team and the speed at which they get things done. They take the time to understand our corporate strategy, and work alongside our sales and marketing efforts, ensuring we are all part of the one team.”


“We've been surprised at the level of national and international media coverage that Comit consistently achieves. Their technology specialism and experience gives them the edge.”   Piero Tintori, TERMINALFOUR

Terminalfour Case Study

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