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8 things you should get from your PR agency

PR is a fantastic way of spreading the word about your business and your brand, so it’s important if you want the best PR agency in Ireland for your specific needs, you pick carefully to ensure a high level of quality, fit and service. Here are a few things that you should get from any top PR firm...


1. Industry knowledge and relationships

The best PR agency in Ireland for you will be one that knows who’s who and what’s what in your industry. It won’t be a generalist. The PR agency will have people with specialist knowledge and deep relationships with the people and media that count when it comes to maximising your communications objectives. At Comit, we specialise in technology clients. This gives us a unique advantage in our space as non-specialists struggle to compete with the results we achieve.

2. Exceptional service

Would you be happy if you went into a restaurant and got a cold meal? How would you feel if the shop assistant told you that something looked good on you even though it didn’t? We reckon you’d be pretty annoyed on both counts. Like any service, your PR firm shouldn’t be telling you just what you want to hear, but rather using their professional expertise to direct you and your company in the right direction.

3. Regular updates

Of course, you don’t want your telephone ringing off the hook at all hours of the day, but getting regular updates and having occasional meetings to discuss how the campaign is progressing is standard. It keeps you in the loop in terms of what’s happening and what’s working (as well as what’s not). Moreover, you should feel that any questions or queries that you have will be answered in a timely and thorough fashion. This is your business and your livelihood after all.

4. Great results

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a great way to measure how effective your marketing campaign and PR firm is. They’re also incredibly useful for future planning in terms of showing the successes and shortcomings of the previous strategy. Analytical tools and statistics are of the utmost importance and can be very valuable in terms of establishing insights into trends and campaigns. Hearing your public relations agency talk about these things is a step in the right direction!


5. A great relationship

PR is reliant on good communication and while the relationship you have with a PR firm is a business-based one, it should transcend that too. Working closely together in an honest and open manner should build a relationship over time that is business-like but also personable. After all, you will be relying on your PR firm to talk about you, so if you can’t talk to them or trust them to say it like it is, it could lead to issues.

6. Ideas, ideas, ideas

Creativity is the backbone of PR. After all, there’s no point in having a great business if it never gets noticed. The way that you promote your brand is pivotal to the way that it is received by the public and will have a major impact on its performance, therefore strong ideas and creative thinking are key. At the risk of sounding too clichéd, thinking outside the box is what you want, although a PR firm worth its salt will provide you with a variety of options.

7. A bespoke package

Not every business is the same, so why would their PR and marketing campaign be? The purpose of a professional PR firm is to figure out your objectives and create a strategy that meets those aims. It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ industry so your PR firm shouldn’t be suggesting a standard PR approach. A tailored package that takes into account the nature of your business, the audience that you want to target and the means of reaching that group is the secret to success.

8. A multichannel approach

Compared to 10 years ago, things have changed significantly in the media and PR landscape. Along with traditional media channels like billboards and television advertisements, today’s PR professionals must also consider social media campaigns, viral videos and other digital options for a balanced and holistic approach. Staying on top of the latest trends is vital to getting your message out there and again they should advise you as to the best methods of getting your business and brand out there. For example, if your target market is aged 20-35, you may need to consider an Instagram strategy for effective engagement.


At Comit, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a specialist and tailored approach. We have excellent relationships with our clients and we deliver great results as well as high quality service. If you’re on the lookout for a PR firm, contact us today.


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