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Careers in Comit: Ireland’s leading tech PR agency

By Helen Morrogh, Thursday, 4th February 2016 | 0 comments
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Ireland is experiencing a tech and digital explosion. New tech start-ups are popping up every day, while increasingly, large multinationals are choosing Ireland as their European hub. It’s a fascinating time and an exciting place to be—what ambitious PR professional looking to build a career wouldn't want to be a part of that?

At Comit, we’re lucky to be able to say that we are right there in the middle of it. From multinational giants to Irish-born start-ups, through tech PR and marketing, we help clients grow and pride ourselves on being a part of their success stories. It is witnessing that success that drives the Comit team.

As an office of six, our team may be small—but every person is crucial to what Comit does. From business development, to PR, to journalism; we come from a variety of professional backgrounds and bring our experience together to offer clients the very best. We share ideas, brainstorm together and importantly, have a whole lot of fun while we do it.

I joined Comit in September 2015, having come from the manic world of newsrooms. I had all the fears that everyone changing careers has, but I wanted to be part of Ireland’s tech sector and was excited by the role Comit plays in it. Less than a week into the job, I knew I’d landed a good gig.

Working in tech PR

Comit is the place to be for anyone who’s curious about the future and how technology is shaping it. Our clients range from FinTech, to data security, to angel investment firms—and everything in between. That diversity in client specialties is what makes Comit unique. On any given day we could be writing a blog about the latest data security breach to hit the headlines, issuing a press release about one man’s mission to travel the world without a dime in his pocket, then explaining to media how an Irish-born Internet of Things company is using its technology to enhance Dubai’s world-renowned police fleet.

In sum, no two days in Comit are the same. Through our clients, we are constantly learning about the latest, and future, developments in technology, then sharing the news and impact of those developments with everyone else—through PR, marketing and digital.

Our job embodies everything that is exciting about Ireland’s tech sector right now. It really is an exciting place to be; made even better by the team that works here. We’re passionate, fun (if we may say so ourselves) and we love what we do. What more could you ask for?

The great news is that Comit is hiring now. If you have what it takes to be a successful PR Account Manager or Senior Account Executive, please apply here.

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