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Cultivating relationships and culture at our PR agency in Dublin

By Aleasha Rafferty, Thursday, 12th October 2023 | 0 comments
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"If you believe a business is built on relationships, make building them your business.” – Scott Stratten

Almost 60% of our clients have been with us for more than five years, and a quarter of them have been clients for more than 10 years. Looking at our team, the average tenure of our current team is more than ten years too. What’s the secret sauce? Keep reading and find out.

At Comit, a key underlying philosophy is that relationships are essential to our success - within our team, with our valued clients, and with the media. As a prominent PR agency in Dublin, our identity is intricately linked with this philosophy. We actively spend time and effort nurturing these relationships, even amid the daily demands of client activities.

We carve out dedicated moments to focus on these relationships, unburdened by work concerns. Whether it’s sharing a meal, attending a concert, or exploring the scenic Dublin mountains, fostering and building relationships is a cornerstone of what we do and how we do it.

Fostering a collaborative PR agency culture


Once a quarter, the Comit team gathers for a day of learning, team building and bonding, which plays a pivotal role in strengthening our internal relationships. The day often kicks off with a dynamic training session - recently we have been diving into various aspects of digital marketing, including SEO, Google ads, and LinkedIn. It's not just about upskilling; these mornings also offer us a time to look back at the achievements and strategies of the past quarter, and ensure that we are all aligned on the vision of the company and that we all know exactly where we are going.

After an engaging morning, appetites are roaring, and we eagerly anticipate a lingering lunch. Over the past year, we've had the pleasure of dining at some of Dublin's culinary gems like Glas, Delahunt, Johnnie Foxes, and my personal favourite, The Vintage Kitchen. These dining experiences go beyond simply enjoying a meal; they're about coming together and strengthening the bonds that form the core of our relationships.

We sometimes add other team experiences into the mix, such as hikes, cocktail making and  escape rooms.

We are not just fixed to our quarterly schedule. We often make time to celebrate our team members' achievements and special occasions with occasional lunches at local restaurants, and theatre nights out on the town. It's these small gestures that contribute to fostering a culture of appreciation and camaraderie in Comit.

Relationships with our clients

At Comit, we prioritise cultivating great client relationships. Why? Because strong relationships enable open and clear communication, allowing us to deeply understand our clients' needs, expectations, and goals. This helps us tailor our agency services so that every client gets the treatment that is just right for them. It also adds a crucial personal element to our relationships which is so important, as client engagement is about much more than just work. When we get to know one another, we can build much more meaningful and enjoyable relationships.

In today's digital landscape, dominated by platforms like Teams and Zoom, we remain dedicated to enjoying more personal face-to-face interactions. We make it a deliberate effort to regularly engage with our clients, whether through a relaxed coffee meeting or a thoughtfully organised lunch. These interactions are more than mere get-togethers; they're instrumental in establishing much deeper enduring connections.

We sometimes connect clients to one-another too, and many great business relationships have been developed at Comit lunches over the years.

As a PR agency, our commitment is to cultivate authentic relationships. Through nurturing these relationships, we delve deeply into our clients' visions, empowering us to deliver outstanding PR results.

Relationships with journalists

In our quest to achieve exceptional results for our clients through media coverage and top-profile interviews, one thing stands tall - strong relationships with journalists. Since day one, nurturing and building great relationships with journalists has been the heartbeat of our approach. We're privileged to work with some incredible journalists and relish the journey of cultivating these connections over time.

Cultivating these meaningful relationships is a labour of love that demands ongoing effort. At Comit, we consistently invest our time and genuine interest in understanding the individuals we are dealing with. This entails spending time getting to know them on the phone, regular meet-ups, staying attuned to their interests via social media, and engaging with them through various online platforms. This may seem very obvious, but you would not believe how often journalists tell us that many PR people have lost the simple art of getting to know journalists by talking to them.

We make it a priority to show gratitude to journalists who publish our clients’ news stories and interviews. Sometimes, a simple thank you is appreciated. Other times, we arrange nights out with them. Last year, for instance, we organised food and drinks, followed by an exciting night of rock and roll at The Fontaines DC in Vicar Street.

It is also about doing things right. A great benefit of being a specialist agency is that we know which journalists are interested in which stories. We know their deadlines, when to contact them and when not to contact them.  We are regularly told by journalists that they love how we engage with them, the content we create for them and also how we knowledgeably pitch stories to them. That’s easier for us as a tech specialist PR agency than it is for generalist.


At Comit, relationship-building is the bedrock of our journey in public relations. This principle isn't just a part of what we do—it's the very fabric that defines us. Whether it's within our close-knit team, our valued clients, or the journalists we collaborate with, authentic relationships are woven into every aspect of our operations. We firmly believe that in this dynamic industry, these genuine connections are the true essence of our success. That's why nurturing and fostering these bonds is the heartbeat of our culture.


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