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Five ways leading technology companies use PR

The world’s leading technology companies have managed to leverage their brand and reputation to attract and retain top talent as well as grow their businesses. Tech giants like PayPal, Google and Apple have some of the best-known company cultures, service and product offerings, and brightest minds. Arguably, what sets them apart from other technology companies is the way they communicate their message through the clever use of PR. Here’s how you can follow in their footsteps and emulate the success of these technology companies:


Using consistent messaging

Regardless of the medium - whether it’s employees pitching to new customers, spokespeople talking to the media or writing press releases - using consistent messaging helps to reinforce the points about your organisation that you want your audience to remember.

Becoming known by the public for excellent customer service or top-class security for example, can be achieved through working with experts to generate messaging documents that best reflect your organisation, its values and unique selling points.  

Messaging can be used widely in PR for brand management, be that in media interviews or to generate world-famous taglines. A clear messaging strategy is what sets companies like PayPal - known for being an easier way to pay or get paid - apart from others in the industry.

Garnering sustained media coverage

Developed your key messages? The next step is to feature these messages in publications that will reach your target audience. Global technology companies feature consistently in national, trade and local publications, as well as online and broadcast outlets.

Announcing company news, taking part in feature interviews or appointing a spokesperson to comment on news events are ways of obtaining sustained coverage for your organisation. People trust companies that feature in well-regarded media outlets. These also help to showcase your experience and expertise in your market.

Technology giants that receive high levels of earned media have greater visibility and greater trust and in turn, greater relevance to prospective clients. Being endorsed by a third party through print and other publications can help businesses to grow a stellar reputation and in doing so grow their business.

Establishing a digital presence

There’s no denying that websites and social media are here to stay. Companies use these channels for different reasons, with some opting to use it to promote company news, while others operate their customer service through such platforms. Most companies, large or small, need a presence that represents their brand and can be found easily.

A new age of technology companies have established alternative ways of communicating with their customers through different channels which helps to create a rapport with them on a daily basis.

PR should be identifying the best channels, messages and tone to use when communicating through social media so that an organisation’s reputation can remain consistent.


Leveraging engaging spokespeople

At the heart of any successful company are people. This is no different when it comes to building the brand of an organisation. The world’s leading brands have confident and charismatic spokespeople that communicate on behalf of the organisation. They are perceived as thought leaders in their field.

Whether it’s announcing new products or services, discussing a positive company culture or speaking at event, the best spokespeople are relaxed and self-assured when speaking to the media, customers and peers or competitors.  

Choosing an engaging spokesperson that can make the key difference between PR strategies that succeed at making brands memorable and those that fail. Engaging spokespeople are well-placed to communicate an organisation’s messaging to their target audience, attract customers and generate interest in the company. 

Engaging in CSR efforts

More and more companies are beginning to see the value of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), not only for employee morale and hiring efforts, but also for a positive brand reputation and customer loyalty.

Organising fundraising activities for the local community, putting environmentally friendly processes in place or offering your staff charity volunteer days are ways that companies can give back.

Leveraging PR for brand management like press releases, blogs or social media posts can communicate the positive efforts that your organisation is making. Doing so can help to attract and retain top technology talent and showcase your company as having a positive influence in the world.

So, whether it’s appointing a charismatic spokesperson, gaining a third-party endorsement through media coverage or opting to engage in meaningful CSR, PR can be a great way in which technology companies can enhance their reputation, improve visibility and become household names.

Does your organisation use PR for brand management to define and grow your organisation? If you’re interested in developing messaging platforms, promoting your company culture or engaging in other PR activities, you can contact us here


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