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How does PR develop company culture?

By comit, Wednesday, 14th October 2020 | 0 comments
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Positive company culture has a transformative impact on organisations. What was once a “nice-to-have” has become a necessity. You might be surprised to know that your PR agency can make a significant impact on your company culture, and as culture affects every aspect of businesses, this is worthy of consideration.

A great culture will ensure trust between you and your employees, make them feel supported, eager to progress, and in turn, grow your business in the long run. A poor culture can lead to unhappy and demotivated employees and high attrition rates. This can be extremely costly to your company’s reputation as an employer.

As culture plays an increasingly important role in a company's reputation, many are enlisting the help of PR agencies to transform and showcase their culture.

There are many ways that public relations can strengthen your company. Here are three ways a PR agency can help to transform a company’s culture:

1. Attract the right people with positive PR

Want to ensure a strong culture? Hire people who align with your core values. Whatever your organisation’s focus, whether it’s technology, sustainability, charity or peer-to-peer mentoring, for example, it’s important to gain employer branding exposure and grow your reputation as a top employer with the people you want to attract.

An award nomination (or win!) can be a great way to attract potential recruits. Awards like the Great Place to Work or CSR Awards are growing in popularity as prospective employees seek to work for organisations with great reputations.

Hiring the right employees will not only help to improve the culture of your organisation, it will reduce the costly and time-consuming task of employee recruitment.

2. Use PR to effectively engage with employees

Employees who are part of a strong culture tend to be united by a common purpose. Whether you are part of a small team or large multi-national, feeling like your contribution is adding value to the organisation can be hugely satisfying and rewarding.

However, it can be a challenge to clearly communicate company news to all levels of your organisation, especially in larger organisations. A company blog or active social media presence can be a great way to keep employees in the loop – from senior executives to new recruits.

A PR agency will know the most engaging blog ideas and social media suggestions to elevate your internal communications strategy to the next level and ensure that you’re keeping employees informed, engaged and retained.

3. Promote pride in the organisation through PR

A central ingredient to a great culture is company pride. Employees who feel valued will take pride in their work and their employer and act as top ambassadors for your business. Announcing company initiatives or organising events are great ways to generate interest in your organisation’s initiatives.

PR agencies can help to announce news- like a new inclusivity programme, or a sustainability pledge- and are also skilled at generating interest in an upcoming company event.     

Furthermore, by generating PR coverage of company announcements, PR agencies can help to generate positive conversations in your workplace and encourage employees to excel.

Company culture permeates through every layer of your organisation and when executed well, can lead to stellar employee attraction, retention, and satisfaction. This has a transformational impact on your company’s reputation and long-term growth.

If you are interested in how a PR agency help your company culture, you can contact us here.


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