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Ireland’s top tech awards

By Aleasha Rafferty, Monday, 10th June 2024 | 0 comments
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Technology Ireland Industry AwardsIt's that exciting time of year when we come together to honour the crème de la crème of Ireland's tech scene. In an era marked by rapid technological advancements, these awards highlight the crucial role technology plays in shaping our future. They also serve as a platform to recognise the trailblazers driving this progress, fostering collaboration to fuel further growth and innovation.

As a PR agency, we're here to help our clients identify these awards, guide them through the application process, and draft compelling entries. And we're proud to say our clients usually find themselves on the shortlist, and often in possession of the major silverware.

Why apply to the tech awards?

So, you might be asking yourself why bother entering tech awards.

Well, being shortlisted for a tech award is a golden opportunity to boost recognition and elevate presence in the industry. Here’s a few reasons why you should consider applying:

  • Industry recognition: Standing out as a finalist showcases your achievements to a broad audience.
  • Marketing leverage: Use the nomination to attract more attention to your work and inspire other professionals.
  • Networking: These events are prime opportunities to connect with key players in the industry.

Ready to explore Ireland's top tech awards? Let's dive in!

The top tech awards in Ireland

Tech Excellence Awards

The Tech Excellence Awards are the pinnacle of recognition in Ireland's technology sector. These tech awards celebrate the skills, innovation, and ingenuity of the industry and its people. Held annually in May, this year’s winners included our clients Carmel Owens, GlobalLogic’s Person of the Year, Esri Ireland for Best Place to Work, Data Solutions as Distributor of the Year, and Auxilion for Managed Security Service Provider of the Year.

CIO & IT Leaders Awards

These tech awards honour the outstanding talent and ICT achievements across Ireland. They spotlight innovations in security, AI, data technology, cloud computing, and more within the public and private sectors. Our client Expleo was shortlisted for two awards this year. This event typically takes place in May.

Public Sector Digital Transformation Awards

Recognising excellence and innovation in public sector digital transformation, these tech awards shine a light on technologies and approaches that enhance service delivery and citizen experiences. Categories cover big data, AI, cloud technology, health technology, and sustainable innovation. These awards are usually held in October.

AI awards

Hosted by AI Ireland, these tech awards aim to raise public awareness of artificial intelligence (AI) and foster collaboration between academia and industry. They celebrate the dedication and hard work of those in the AI community.

Diversity in Tech Awards

Dedicated to promoting equality and inspiring commitment to diversity, these tech awards feature 18 prestigious categories. The Diversity in Tech Awards (DITA) are held in September and offer a platform to share diversity journeys and celebrate female success. Nominations are free, and finalists receive complimentary access.

National Fintech Awards

These tech awards highlight the best in fintech, from startups to established companies driving innovation in the industry. Categories reflect the breadth of the Irish fintech sector, celebrating those making a significant impact. The ceremony is typically held in October.

Women in STEM Awards

These tech awards celebrate the achievements and innovations of women in STEM fields in Ireland. By showcasing leading companies that foster diverse and inclusive workplaces, these awards aim to encourage young girls and women to pursue STEM careers. The ceremony usually takes place in October.

Technology Ireland Industry Awards

These awards not only recognise outstanding business successes but also spotlight the positive impact the tech sector has on society. The ceremony is typically held in November.

Final thoughts

Ireland's tech awards are more than just ceremonies—they are a celebration of innovation, dedication, and excellence. Whether you're aiming for recognition, marketing leverage, or networking opportunities, these tech awards offer a platform to showcase your achievements and drive your success forward. If you're interested in learning more about these tech awards and how our PR agency can help you navigate the application process, get in touch with us today!


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