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PR agency insights: How to use LinkedIn for business marketing

By Aleasha Rafferty, Thursday, 30th November 2023 | 0 comments
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Are you facing challenges in utilising LinkedIn to promote your business? Are your efforts getting lost in a sea of profiles, struggling to connect with the right audience? If so, you might not be fully tapping into LinkedIn's potential for driving business growth, fostering relationships, and generating targeted leads. In a landscape brimming with untapped potential, optimising your approach to LinkedIn is the key to overcoming the frustration of your efforts going unnoticed.

In this blog, we explore seven powerful ways to utilise LinkedIn for business marketing. From optimising your personal profile to leveraging the often-overlooked creator mode, we delve into strategies that can transform your business promotion on the world's leading professional networking platform.

1. Optimise your personal LinkedIn profile

The initial step in using LinkedIn for business marketing is optimising your profile. Consider this: when someone reaches out to you, what's the first thing you do? You check their profile. In a mere five seconds, we scan through others' profiles and decide whether to respond. These fleeting moments are pivotal, so make every second count. Begin the process by updating your profile picture with a friendly, professional image—a shoulder-length shot of yourself, smiling and facing the camera can work wonders.

Next, refine the details of your profile. Utilise tools like Canva to create a personalised banner that effectively communicates your value proposition. Finally, inject vitality into your bio—opt for something intriguing like 'Driving Business Growth' instead of a straightforward 'B2B Sales.' This subtle shift sparks curiosity, enticing visitors to click and delve deeper. While it may be a small adjustment, its impact, when combined with others, can be transformational.                                                      


                                                                                                              Source: LinkedIn

2. Activate LinkedIn creator mode

The next step is to activate creator mode, a feature that might be unfamiliar to many. In essence, creator mode unveils a set of additional tools and features that empower users to create and share content, ultimately expanding their reach and influence on LinkedIn. Activating creator mode signals your commitment to posting more frequently, significantly enhancing your efforts in using LinkedIn to promote your business.

LinkedIn users embracing creator mode gain access to specific features tailored for content creation, including the ability to live stream on LinkedIn directly from their profile and curate a personalised LinkedIn newsletter for their followers. LinkedIn Live allows users to broadcast live video content to an audience. It’s a powerful tool for boosting engagement, while a newsletter offers an excellent platform for showcasing your expertise and thought leadership.

But here's the exciting part: these features are hardly used. Many LinkedIn users shy away from sharing content, fearing it might be perceived as unprofessional. Astonishingly, only 4.9% of the 830 million users on the platform actively create content, thus offering those who do a colossal opportunity for promoting their business on LinkedIn.

3. Create LinkedIn content that stops users in their tracks

Now that your personal profile is optimised, shift your focus to building your brand through compelling content. The linchpin for attracting new business lies in the quality of your content. The key to successful LinkedIn promotion is the creation of content that not only captures attention but also retains it. Even if you only engage someone for just 1.5 seconds, that registers as an impression.

The critical window for a post's peak engagement is within the first four hours of being published. To maximise impressions, it's crucial to encourage immediate comments on your posts. A best practice is to establish a collaborative approach within your team, fostering a work policy where colleagues proactively like and comment on any posts shared from the company's account. This not only boosts engagement but also ensures that your content has a higher chance of halting users in their tracks as they scroll through their feeds.

4. Develop a LinkedIn content calendar

Boosting your brand's visibility on LinkedIn requires the development of a well-organised content

calendar. This calendar should encompass a diverse range of content aimed at attracting, nurturing, and converting your audience, all while maintaining the unique style and voice of your brand. Regardless of your industry, infuse a human element into your content to boost engagement. For instance, if you're promoting a coffee brand, consider incorporating a personal touch, such as a hand holding a cup of coffee, rather than just the cup.

To help guide your content strategy, use the acronym TASTE:

  • Teach and educate: Share your knowledge to position yourself as an authority in your field.
  • Actionable advice: Provide practical tips that your audience can implement.
  • Solving problems: Address your customers' challenges by generating content that offers solutions.
  • Testimonials and examples: Showcase positive experiences to build trust.
  • Experience of you: Offer insights into your personality, allowing potential customers to connect with you on a personal level. Highlighting your friendly and approachable side on LinkedIn can significantly increase your chances of attracting business. Consider integrating personal anecdotes and motivational quotes into your posts, as these tend to generate higher engagement.

Additionally, boost your creative reserves by setting up a folder on your phone to save inspirational content for future use. This could include captivating imagery, compelling copy from other posts, or insightful perspectives. We all encounter moments of creative block, and having a reservoir of inspiration can be a lifesaver on those days when fresh content is needed for your brand.

5. Enhance LinkedIn post engagement with strong copy and striking visuals

Take your LinkedIn marketing to new heights by strategically integrating impactful visuals into your posts. Opt for visuals that maximise screen real estate—avoid square formats and ensure the image dimensions are optimised for LinkedIn. Keep the text within the image concise, ideally ranging from 2 to 3 lines. The primary goal of the image is to capture attention, enticing users to click the 'see more' button and generate more impressions. Increased impressions not only make your post more prominent on LinkedIn but also enhance the likelihood of your content going viral.

Once you're confident in capturing your audience's attention with the image, shift your focus to crafting compelling copy. Integrate a clear call to action within your copy to guide users on the next steps. Break up the text with frequent line breaks—this not only aids readability but also ensures that users linger on your post for a more extended period (every impression counts!).

Avoid generic stock images and invest time in arranging a photoshoot at the office. Authentic photos, which can be repurposed across your social media, add a personal touch that resonates with your audience. This strategic approach to content and visuals on LinkedIn can significantly enhance your promotional efforts and leave a lasting impression on your audience.



                                                                                                           Source: Taplio

6. Optimise engagement through LinkedIn analytics

Ever wondered about the secrets behind garnering likes and comments on your LinkedIn posts? Unlock the power of LinkedIn for business marketing by mastering the art of timing. According to LinkedIn promotion insights, posting early in the morning tends to attract the highest engagement. The good news is that LinkedIn equips you with comprehensive analytics for your content, offering invaluable guidance on the optimal days and times for effective LinkedIn promotion.

To boost your business, establish a consistent posting schedule and delve into the analytics twice a week. This routine helps you identify trends in the content that resonates most with your audience. Regularly reviewing LinkedIn analytics becomes crucial in understanding what works best for your brand. Leverage this feature to identify your all-time popular posts and gain insights into your audience's preferences. If a particular content type isn't gaining traction, then stop sharing it. Instead, focus on reposting your top-performing content, tweaking the copy for a fresh perspective.

Take a deep dive into LinkedIn analytics not only to evaluate post-performance but also to target your audience more effectively. Learn how to use LinkedIn to promote your business strategically and elevate your LinkedIn promotion game.

7. Optimise outreach with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Enhance your LinkedIn promotion strategy by harnessing the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. While there's a wealth of detail to explore, today's emphasis is on the considerable advantages offered by this paid subscription service tailored for optimising business marketing on LinkedIn. This tool is a paid subscription service designed to streamline the process of finding new leads, making connections, and driving conversions.

One standout feature is the ‘View similar’ function, enabling you to identify leads who share titles or roles similar to those you've successfully engaged with. This active search capability allows you to proactively seek out the right individuals within your target audience. Additionally, you can leverage the tool to join groups and participate in discussions around relevant industry insights, ensuring your efforts are concentrated on the most relevant connections and saving both time and money in your LinkedIn promotion efforts.

What distinguishes Sales Navigator is its unique capability to access information about your target audience, even when you’re not connected. This means you gain valuable insights into your target audience's activities, irrespective of your connection status. This feature facilitates timely engagement with posts, fostering stronger relationships with your audience, and ultimately contributing to the success of your LinkedIn promotional efforts.

In summary, implementing these tactics will not only refine your LinkedIn profile but also transform your method of business promotion on the platform. Unlock the full potential of LinkedIn's features to establish a prominent presence in your target audience's awareness, setting your business apart in a landscape brimming with untapped potential. Embrace these insights, fine-tune your strategy, and witness LinkedIn evolving into a potent tool for promoting your business. Discover how to use LinkedIn for business marketing effectively and elevate your promotional 

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