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The big move to a Tech PR Agency

By Ruth Marnell, Thursday, 1st July 2021 | 0 comments
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You would be forgiven for thinking that a PR agency is a PR agency, no matter the industry or area, and this is true to a certain extent. However, there are many different types of PR to consider: B2B PR (business-to-business) B2C PR (business-to-consumer) internal, public affairs, crisis management, publicity… the list goes on! And while many of the necessary skills are transferrable, moving between these areas can mean big changes.

1. Not all PR is created equal

Having recently moved from a consumer-focused PR agency into tech PR agency, I can say with certainty that while on paper, the roles may not seem all that different, the contrasts are quite stark.

Of course, there are similarities too. To work in any area of PR, it’s essential to be creative, have the ability to meet deadlines, have a good attention to detail, and be a quick thinker. The PR umbrella encompasses everything from writing press releases, pitching stories, and planning events, to organising interviews, directing photo sessions, and content creation such as blog posts.

However, for me, one of the most significant changes has been the new range of clients and the different sectors they operate in. The technology industry is a fast-moving and ever-evolving one that has always peaked my interest, and immersing myself in this new area and building relationships with fascinating new clients has made for a whirlwind start.

Another major change has been the target media outlets. It’s important for all PR professionals to forge strong relationships with journalists, and moving into a technology-focused role means building relationships with new members of the media who specialise in the areas of tech, business, and finance. There are also more commercial partnerships to consider, which are invaluable (alongside strategic PR) in helping clients to reach their target audiences.

Oddly, I feel that coming from a non-tech background almost gives me an advantage, as it’s important to tone down technical jargon into plain English when communicating on behalf of clients (which might be more difficult to do, or harder to spot, if you’ve been in the industry a while).

2. Culture at Comit

Like many over the past year, starting a new job remotely has sometimes been tricky to navigate, but the team at Comit have made it a very easy transition. Even though we’re working from home, everyone feels at ease to give a colleague a quick call on Teams, just like turning around to them in the office, which lends to the feeling of a collaborative and open work environment.

There’s also a great sense of camaraderie and teamwork – while each team member has their own role, everyone is happy to lend a hand where needed.

Virtual team bonding nights have also been a great way to get to know everyone ‘outside the office’ while restrictions are in place. Most recently, musician Pádraig Digan entertained the team with a live YouTube jukebox and some brilliant renditions of our favourite songs.

3. Making the big move to a tech PR agency

I’d encourage anyone who is considering making the leap from consumer PR to tech PR to take the plunge. No two days are the same, and it gives you the opportunity to be immersed in an industry which is shaping the world.

After all, you miss 100% of the chances you don’t take!



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