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Why hire a specialist tech PR agency?

If you had a broken arm you won’t go to an optometrist; you’d go straight to A&E. The same logic applies to technology companies looking to raise their profiles: the best way to get the service you need is through a specialist tech PR agency.

Let’s say, though, that you don’t go to a specialist. The PR agency you choose will probably have a fairly good idea of what you need, but the knowledge of its consultants might only extend so far. Likewise, optometrists may know that you need a sling and some pain relief, but after that they will probably run out of ideas. That’s not to say an optometrist isn’t highly qualified; he or she just isn’t right for you, right now.

In Ireland, there is a growing abundance of tech companies. According to figures from Vision-net, almost 21,000 new companies were registered in Ireland in 2016, of which 1,413 were in the ICT sector. As the number of tech companies in the country continues to swell, and big-name multinationals continue to set up their EMEA headquarters here, technology-based businesses increasingly find themselves battling to be heard above the crowd.

This is where a specialist tech PR agency comes in; an agency that knows and understands the industry and has the ability and proven know-how to amplify your company’s voice.

Finding a tech PR agency in Ireland

For tech companies, finding an agency that understands the market in Ireland is essential. The agency must know – and importantly, be interested in – what is relevant to you and your business. It must also understand your business needs and demonstrate the ability to deliver a coherent PR plan. Finally, they should be experts in the latest goings-on in your field, with an ability to wax lyrical about anything from GDPR to the National Broadband Plan.

If they meet those criteria, tech companies will find that engaging with a specialist tech PR agency will soon start to pay dividends. They will be able to identify who your company should be talking to and how to reach them through the media. There is no waiting around to figure out your business, technology and unique aspects of your sector. Accessing those people will be fundamental to business growth.

Some technology firms struggle to communicate the value they offer without using industry jargon that only a handful of people will understand. A good specialist agency, however, can translate that language into a compelling, meaningful message that will attract journalists and as a result, attract prospective customers. In other words, they will understand you and what you do.

Crucially, working with a PR agency that specialises in one industry means that they know, and are respected by, journalists working in the sector. Journalists, like all of us, are more likely to be receptive to someone they know and trust and that shares their interests, rather than someone they speak to sporadically.

At Comit, we have been delivering highly impactful public relations, digital marketing and integrated communications campaigns for tech companies for almost 20 years. Our clients’ industries range from software development and cyber security, to data centres and telecoms, to medtech to angel investing – ensuring we’re always kept on our toes and turn our clients into raving fans. We love what we do and it shows in our passion for helping clients to grow, and that’s what makes not only our business a success, but also our clients’ businesses.

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