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How to make your office green. Tips from a sustainable PR agency

By Aleasha Rafferty, Thursday, 26th October 2023 | 0 comments
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54% of Irish businesses lost customers in 2022 due to dissatisfaction with their sustainability efforts. That's 13% higher than the global average of 41%. This is according to Expleo's Business Transformation Index (BTI) 2023 Ireland spotlight report. But here's the deal, becoming sustainable might feel like an insurmountable mountain, but even the tiniest steps can lead to profound change. The time to act is now. Dive into our treasure trove of practical insights from a sustainable PR agency and transform your office into an eco-friendly haven. Ready to lead the charge in the green revolution? Keep reading!

1. Develop a policy on sustainability and measure your carbon footprint

The first step to beginning your sustainability journey is to incorporate sustainable practices into your mission statement. This statement becomes the beacon, signalling your commitment to prospective stakeholders. Once you've laid this foundation, the next step is to discuss with your team how to make your office more sustainable. At our sustainable PR agency, for instance, we convene quarterly to assess our practices, with a particular focus on enhancing our sustainability. These discussions are not just about the present but also about paving the way for a more sustainable future. As you progress on your sustainability journey, don't forget to measure your carbon footprint – a tangible metric that can be shared through reports, social media, or press releases to showcase your efforts.

2. Reduce, reuse, and recycle

While it's a message we've all heard repeatedly, the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling cannot be overstated. It's often the straightforward actions that people tend to overlook, even though they can have a significant environmental impact. Do you use the free Nespresso pod recycling service? Do you have recycling bins at each desk? Do you separate out your waste? Do you recycle your old computers – talk to Vyta, and you might find that there is even a financial value for you in your old laptops? 

3. Minimise devices switched on outside office hours

As a sustainable PR agency, we make a point to minimise device usage outside of office hours. Our routine includes a final sweep by the last person leaving the office to ensure that all lights and electronic devices are switched off - including our laptops - to prevent unnecessary energy consumption. It's a simple step that is often overlooked. According to The New York Times, “Always leaving a laptop computer plugged in, even when it’s fully charged, can use a similar quantity — 4.5 kilowatt-hours of electricity in a week, or about 235 kilowatt-hours a year. (Your mileage may vary, depending on model and battery.”

4. Reduce the use of heating and air conditioning

During particularly warm and sticky summers, like the one we experienced this year, we try to reduce the use of air conditioning and instead open windows for natural ventilation. We understand that in extreme heat, this may not always be feasible, but mindfulness is key. At cooler times, keep the heat off when you can and simply add an extra layer of clothing.

5. Move to laptops over office-based desktops

One of the most substantial changes we've made is transitioning our employees from traditional office-based desktops to laptops. This shift has had a dramatic impact on our energy consumption. Laptops consume 80% less electricity than desktop computers, which can be further reduced through using power-saving modes. These modes include features like dimmer screens and other measures designed to conserve power.

6. Four-day work week

In an effort to improve our work-life balance, we introduced a four-day work week. While we do rotate for Friday duties, mainly for urgent client matters, most of our staff relishes this extended weekend. This has led to fewer commutes and decreased energy usage, ultimately reducing our carbon footprint.

7. Working from home

Our sustainable PR agency has also embraced the concept of working from home twice a week to foster a better work-life balance. This initiative not only benefits our team but also helps reduce travel-related emissions, contributing to a greener environment by curbing the need for commuting.

8. Join Techies Go Green


At Comit, we are enthusiastic supporters of environmental causes and guide our clients to join Techies Go Green. This initiative unites tech-oriented companies and their support and service providers in a collective effort to decarbonise their businesses, making them more sustainable. Membership is free and available to tech and other businesses, offering a unique opportunity for like-minded individuals to connect and learn together.

9. Apply for B Corp certification

B Corp certification is a process that includes evaluating your environmental impact through the B Impact Assessment. Achieving B Corp status is like receiving a prestigious seal of approval that proudly declares your company's commitment to benefiting your employees, customers, the community, and the environment. As the world grows more appreciative of socially and environmentally responsible organisations and brands, it’s clear that adopting these values is the way forward for all businesses.

10. Put sustainability at the core of your client's messaging

As a sustainable PR agency, we specialise in helping our clients place sustainability at the core of their messaging. Our approach includes conducting comprehensive messaging audits, setting clear sustainability goals, and crafting compelling narratives that spotlight their green initiatives. This encompasses creating impactful campaigns, securing media coverage, and positioning clients as thought leaders in sustainability, all in an effort to prioritise and promote their commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

11. Educate yourself!

At our sustainable PR agency, we recognise that the journey toward sustainability is ongoing, and we're all striving to do our best. Even the fact that you are reading this article showcases your commitment to sustainability. While perfection may be elusive, we actively seek ways to reduce our carbon footprint both at the office and at home by educating ourselves and staying well-informed. Whether it’s exploring the eco-conscious sections in newspapers, following sustainability-focused journalists on social media, tuning in to sustainability podcasts, and engaging with sustainable influencers, the world is brimming with information to fuel our eco-awareness journey.

12. Avoid air travel where possible

It's common knowledge that air travel has a substantial environmental impact. A single commercial flight produces about 115 grams of CO2 emissions per passenger per kilometre. While entirely forgoing air travel may not always be feasible (especially when living on our little island), it's vital to exercise mindfulness when booking your trips and consider more sustainable alternatives.

In conclusion, as we reflect on the tips shared by our sustainable PR agency, we invite you to join the green revolution and take steps toward a more eco-friendly and sustainable office. By developing a sustainability policy, embracing environmentally conscious office operations, championing corporate responsibility, and engaging in personal learning, you can play an active role in shaping a greener, more environmentally conscious future. So, are you ready to make a real impact? Start today and be a part of the change.

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