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My PR Internship in Comit

By Lauren Reville - Comit, Monday, 6th September 2021 | 0 comments
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Eight weeks ago, I joined Comit PR agency as an intern as part of my Master’s in Public Relations and Strategic Communications. The internship has been an invaluable learning experience and has given me great exposure to the fast-paced world of Tech PR.

From day one I have been involved in real-life client projects and have been given a lot of help and support to complete any task.Although exciting, the idea of working with technology companies was daunting, 

as I did not have a technical background. My mind was quickly put at ease, as I was given comprehensive training on everything I needed to know, from media training to writing tips and an overview of the tech sector.

What have I been doing?

As an intern with Comit, no two days are the same. I have had the opportunity to work across a number of exciting clients, such as cyber security specialists, EdTech solution providers and IT distributors, to name a few. 

I have gained experience managing social media accounts for both Comit and its clients, drafting and issuing press releases from appointment notices to survey releases, writing blog content and brainstorming and pitching ideas for client projects.

One of the great things about working with Comit is the level of autonomy I have been given with my work. Since my first day, I felt I was trusted to work on real client projects and given the space and time to produce work. Alongside this, I was also given great constructive feedback to continue to improve and grow my skills.

The best thing about working at Comit

Working at Comit has been a great experience, it has allowed me to put the theory from college into practice and learn even more along the way. My favourite thing about working at Comit has been the amazing culture and collaborative work environment. From day one, the has team made me feel welcome. No question has been too big or too small, and teammates have often taken time out of their busy schedules to offer help.

Even though some of the team were working remotely, I have always felt that there was someone close by to help or even have a chat about how my day is going. The office is a perfect mix of fun and hard work. Every team member is working together to provide the best service for our clients while also celebrating the wins along the way.

The team at Comit are an extremely talented and positive group of professionals and I have learned so much from them in 8 short weeks. Although my internship has come to an end, my journey with Comit doesn’t end here. I am delighted to say that I have become a full-time member of the Comit team and look forward to growing and learning with the team in the coming months.

If you are interested in exploring job opportunities with Comit check out our latest vacancies here.


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